Maygay Fruit Machines

MaygayIt appears that MayGay is another of the fruit machine companies that were around in the 1990's and 2000's that have appeared to of gone or bought out by another company.

Maygay made machines such as The Simpsons Homers Meltdown, Simpsons Duff Beer Guide, Eastenders, Italian Job, Fruit n Nudge, King Ker Ching, Jewel In the Crown and many others.

Maygay Refill Key Instructions

Display Last BankDisplay Last Bank Display Last WinDisplay Last Win Change VolumeChange Volume

Insert the refill key and turn.
The collect, exchange and start buttons will flash.

Press exchange to cycle through the options, and press collect to select an option.

The options are Volume, Last Bank, and Last Win Recall.