Have you sold many refill keys?

We have sold many refill keys and fobs over the years and we have repeat customers and customers who buy multiple keys. Customers who own their own machines in their house who have lost the keys can obtain a replacement, bar and pub owners who have misplaced the their refill keys and end users and fruit machine players who would like an informed decision if their gambling investment is worthwhile all buy keys from us. Remember, it is not illegal to own a refill key or use it, you can not alter the games outcome in any way by using the key, you can just determine if the machine is worthwhile playing or not by seeing the current hopper balance.

Do you sell on eBay?

Yes we do sell on eBay, but due to eBay's policies, it can be sometimes quite hard to list the actual Refill Key. They see the Refill Key as a way of "cheating" the machine or gaining an unfair advantage on the machine. This could be technically true, as you are a more informed player once you know the hopper balance before playing. The Refill Fobs and usually allowed to be listed on eBay and you may see our listing on there. Feel free to buy the fobs from us either by eBay or direct through the website, the all come from the same place.

I want to buy the fruit machine keys in bulk

We do sell in bulk.
We consider a bulk order to be 5 units or more of any one key. So if you would like to buy 5 or more Refill keys or 5 or more refill fobs, then please contact us. We can work out a reduced cost depending on your order requirements. Please contact us via our contact-us form on the website with the quantity of keys you require and which kind of keys you require and by when. We will send you a quote with postage that is valid for 14 days, payment of this invoice will be via PayPal (unless the invoice is above £100, when we will send you our bank details to make the transfer). Once payment is received, we will dispatch your keys to your specified address via a tracked postage provider.

I have submitted an order but not received the item

If you have submitted an order but have not received the item within 7 working days then you may need to contact us with your order details and you must include your PayPal payment reference for us to check. If you do not sent a PayPal reference number / payment reference for us to check we will not be able to verify your payment. Sometimes we get orders that a placed but the user does not complete the PayPal checkout process. If this happens, we do not send the item until the invoice is paid in full. After a week we cancel all unpaid orders. You will receive an email when we cancel your order due to non-payment. If this happens, you need to come back to the site and resubmit a new order. If you think you did complete the checkout process with PayPal, please send the required payment reference numbers via our contact-us form.

Do the keys work on all fruit machines?

No, sometimes we have seen that the machine owner will disable to key switches / fob readers on the machine, this will mean that no matter what you do, the machine will not recognise the key or fob, but this is a rare occurrence. I have heard of some bar chains connect their machines to a computer network so they can monitor the machines live and can detect if they are malfunctioning or being tampered with. If this is the case it is best you do not try the keys on these machines. Look on the machine for a sticker stating if the machine is being monitored.

Are the images on the website the actual keys

No they are only an example of what the look like physically, the key fob is different, with different coding printed on to the fob itself.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery will take approximately 3-7 days. We use Royal Mail 2nd class to send the keys to you. Sometimes, depending on industrial action, weekends, bank holidays delivery may take slightly longer. Before contacting us, please wait 7 days from the order date.