Barcrest Fruit Machines

BarcrestBarcrest has merged with The Global Draw and formed SG Gaming, a division of Scientific Games Corporation, is a leading provider of gaming solutions for the licensed betting office, arcade and bingo sectors in the UK as well as a content provider for the interactive gaming sector.

The business works in partnership with its customers, utilising years of unique industry experience to deliver leading content and technology and ultimately help to drive cash box performance for nearly 30,000 gaming machines. Barcrest's website

Barcrest Refill Key Instructions

Display Hopper BalanceDisplay Hopper Balance Display Last BankDisplay Last Bank Change VolumeChange Volume

Insert the refill key and turn.

This will display the hopper balance on the LED display.
To see the last bank hold down the first hold button and then turn your key.
The machine will display the last bank on the right of the LED display and how much was paid out on the left of the LED.
You can also adjust the volume by holding down the middle hold button and turning your key, to turn the volume up press the middle hold button, to turn it down press the right hold button, remove your key to set the volume.

Note: Some of the newer Barcrest Machines only allow a refill key to be used once. You will have to wait until the machine has been switched on and off for the key to work again.